Veda Nidhi

The Vedas are the repository of timeless knowledge and the wisdom of our ethos. They convey to the mankind the message of peace and compassion, the pursuit of truth, tolerance, liberation, oneness and a deep consciousness of the need for harmony between man and his spiritual, social and natural environments. In addition to being the principle source to lead us to God, the Vedas represent some of the most sublime literature.

In order to preserve, propagate and promote Veda in their pure and pristine form, Sri Avadhoota Datta Peetham has been playing a very significant role under the guidance of the Pontiff, Parama Pujya Sri Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji. Peetham has instituted an exclusive fund namely “Veda Nidhi”- primarily to Promote the study and awareness about Vedas.

  Salient features of this Program:

·      Running Veda Pathashalas where regular study of Vedas is carried on in the ancient Gurukula system. A Krishna Yajur Veda Pathashala is run in Peetham for the past 2 decades.

Proposals: To start new Veda schools in different Vedic faculties in various branches.

·  Conducting Examinations in Veda Shakhas (Branches). Examinations have been started in Rigveda, Krishna Yajurveda and Sama Veda. Students from many states participate in these exams and are paid Travel allowances irrespective of the result. Successful examinees are awarded Certificates in addition to cash awards.

Proposals: To gradually enhance Sambhavana (Honorarium) to students and Examiners in all the categories to bring out parity among peers.

·    Conducting Veda Vidwat Sabha under the banner SGS Veda Sastra Parishat. Peetham has been conducting Veda Sabhas from time to time and Parayanam of all the Vedas by learned scholars.

 Proposals: To increase the number of invitees and frequency of this type of Congregations at regular state level and national level Vedic Scholar congregations annually.

·    Honouring Vedic scholars with titles: Awards named Veda Nidhi, Shastra Nidhi and Aasthana Vidwan for excellence and erudition in Veda and Shastras and allied subjects were instituted. These are annually conferred in recognition of their services rendered to society in this field. These awards carry a citation and a purse of Rs.25,000/- and Rs.10,000/- respectively.

·   Conducting Vedic rituals for Universal Welfare and well being of human kind. Various rituals are performed regularly in Peetham and its branches.

·    Extending financial assistance and patronage to deserving students, scholars and Pathashalas for its maintenance

·     Extending financial assistance to conduct Vedic Kratus and Yagnas to deserving Scholars.


वेदोखिलो धर्ममूलम्